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Client Hospitality Service



Are you a homeowner either wanting to rent your property or trying to sell it? If yes please read below to find out how you can generate passive income from our exclusive service



 The Crisis:

If you are a homeowner in Cyprus, renting or selling your property we have created a perfect package that will allow you to earn a passive income from the service we will describe below.

As you are already aware the world financial crisis and the credit crunch has left people wary of buying into the real estate market. This leaves the question that if you are trying to sell your property who is going to buy it? Furthermore if you are renting your property do you expect to earn what you were earning a year ago?

You need money to make money

The simple answer is that times ahead are difficult, with world recession looming, spending power of travellers will not be as good as in the past. To top this off Sterling is at an all time low against the Euro and Oil prices have slumped, indicating that world economy is grinding to a halt.

Just remember we would NOT be in this situation if credit was available today and the bottom line is you need money, to make money!

We don't want to scare you but as a property owner you really need to start taking action NOW to ensure you don't get caught in this viscous cycle.

How to start making money - the concept:

So the million dollar question is how would I gear up for this bumpy ride ahead and how could we make money for you? With our sales, rental and marketing experience combined together with our new product we know exactly what will entice people to buy. Furthermore we have spent the past one year working with a new ownership concept together with major world travel organisations that will allow affordability for others to purchase either your home or someone else's property.

"Our concept is that we are not greedy when it comes down to making money and we would like to share it with you".

Like all businesses money has to be made but unlike any other rental company we want to share the profit we make with you. However to do this you need to


Think of your home as not just a home but a business vehicle.


Always remember that your home is a structure with walls and a roof which is your prime asset. Fixtures and fitting may come and go and this is not the real value of your property

So with this in mind we are suggesting that you use your property wisely, and with our concept, we encourage travellers to visit Cyprus and stay.

We consider a traveller to be a potential lead and what this means is that if they have a fantastic stay in your property they will


consider buying their own home in Cyprus




consider returning to Cyprus when they take their next holiday.

Lead generation via your property allows us to build an 80 to 90% profile of the type of client, so why waste this golden opportunity! This is a win win situation for you, you could effectively say there is no credit crunch crisis as a homeowner.

What happens to the lead:

When a traveller comes to stay in your property we will look after them so well, they will never forget their stay in Cyprus.

All rental agencies play their part in squeezing money from the traveller, but we don't want to do this, we are looking at the bigger picture, their return to your property or buying one for themselves to return to the following year.

"So when this happens you get to earn money passively whilst we do all the hard work for you"

How we come into play:

If you are renting currently with just one rental company in Cyprus have you thought about marketing your property via us. It's very simple to do, just call them and let them know you don't want an exclusive agreement with them. If on the other hand you are not renting your property, you should seriously consider this option.

Let us do the hard work whilst you earn a passive income!

If you are selling your property this should be an even bigger incentive for you to turn to this direction. Maybe your finances are tight and you don't want to sell your entire property. Well for your information this can be achieved as well with our new concepts, so you always have a piece of real estate paradise in Cyprus

Your options:

You now have 2 options to consider


1. Carry on as you are using the same marketing structure with your existing rental company and hope that you achieve what you expected, good luck!




2. Join our scheme today, by making a conscious decision with your head and not your heart.

If you have understood the potential of what we are trying to achieve here and you don't want to be in a situation of "I wish I had done it" then contact us today to make the difference.....

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, MD, My Property Cyprus

For further information about this product please complete the enquiry form below and one of our staff will call you to discuss this scheme with you.

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